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Guide for Student Behavior

This guide is intended to assist students in learning acceptable classroom conduct and procedures. Your cooperation will facilitate everyone's learning. Thank you.

SAFETY: Always be careful!
A. These techniques can maim or kill, practice only with utmost seriousness.
B. Never deliberately strike anyone; if you accidentally injure another student, apologize (bow) and help them if necessary.
C. Never clown around in class, misbehavior can cause injuries.
D. It is better not to show your skills out of class, there are always less and better skilled practitioners; remember the element of surprise!

DISCIPLINE YOURSELF: Self discipline is the most important thing to practice.
A. Mental discipline carries over into all endeavors, apply yourself.
B. Learn good posture; always ask to be excused; avoid prolonged breaks. Restrict talking during practice; eliminate bad language, profanity, and anger - these are signs of poor self-control.

BEHAVIOR: Take a serious attitude.
A. Maintain a quiet, restrained and courteous manner at all times.
B. Diligent practice will produce self-confidence and serenity of mind.
C. Learn patience, skill comes only after many months of serious practice.
D. Do not smoke, eat or chew gum in the dojo.

CLASS PERFORMANCE: Practice what is taught.
A. Do not improvise! Believe in the techniques you have been taught. Practice them until they become subconscious reflexes.
B. Class performance, personal conduct, mental attitude, self-sacrifice, and attendance shall be criteria for judging at examinations.

ETIQUETTE: Use common sense and safety.
A. GREET THE INSTRUCTOR upon entering and leaving the dojo.
B. WEAR A CLEAN UNIFORM whenever possible; remove all jewelry.
C. REMOVE YOUR SHOES to show respect for the dojo (Training Hall).
D. REMEMBER PERSONAL HYGIENE: keep nails clipped, shower after class.
E. BOW UPON ENTERING AND LEAVING THE DOJO; this is a personal reminder of respect for the Art, the Master, the Dojo, your Instructor & classmates.
F. OBSERVE RANK AND SENIORITY. Anyone wearing a color belt has earned it through diligent effort; at least respect their rank. There is no place for bigotry, chauvinism, or inflated egos in the martial arts.

YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Honor the Teacher.
A. Always watch and listen carefully, when he speaks do not interrupt or ask unnecessary questions. Never talk back! Accept what he says with respect.
B. Instructors are human and do occasionally make mistakes. If this happens say something like, "excuse me Sensei, but I was told ...". This will aide in reducing conflicting data from different Instructors. The Senior Instructor has authority over these disputes.
C. Conflicting data from visiting instructors is to be accepted with respect and promptly forgotten unless otherwise specified by your Instructor.
D. Direct questions to your immediate superiors first.

It is your duty to keep a disciplined atmosphere of respect, care and goodwill while in the dojo so all may benefit.

See also: Supplemental Beginners' Etiquette

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