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American Butokukan is merely Japanese for the American“Institute of Martial Virtue;” a modern, comprehensive, integrated program of instruction in traditional East-Asian martial arts.The training is both mental and physical. Mental aspects of training involve the development of self-discipline, self-confidence, tolerance and understanding. Physical training encompassesaikido, karate (taekwondo), andrelated weapons.

Aikido is the Japanese martial art created by Morihei Ueshiba. After the Founder's passing in 1969, his son Kisshomaru Ueshibawas inaugurated as the second Aikido Doshu (Leader of the Way).At present, Moriteru Ueshiba, grandson of the Founder, has succeeded his father as Aikido Doshu.

The Aikikai Foundation, officially recognized by the Japanese government in 1940, was founded in order to preserve and promote the ideals of the true Aikido created by theFounder. As the Aikido World Headquarters, it is the parent organization for the development and expansion of Aikido throughout the world.

MooDukKwan means the "Institute of Martial Virtue" in Korean. MooDukKwan is a style of TaeKwonDo. TaeKwonDo is Karate, the generic term for the arts of kicking and punching developed in Korea and Japan, respectively. Prior to the standardization of TaeKwonDo for Olympic competition, MooDukKwan was the most popular style ofTaeKwonDo in the world.

MooDukKwan emphasizes high ethical standards in conjunction with physical fitness as a vehicle for developing community leaders.

The system endeavors to instill students with the wisdom, compassion, and courage necessary to harness and appropriately channel their efforts in productive directions for the benefit of the community; however, if the need should ever arise, they will possess the skills required to deal with any adversaries.

Leading virtuous lives, they set moral examples for their peers and community; being confident they have no fear of standing on principle for the greater good.

The American Butokukan places equal emphasis on training for Self-Defense, Art, and Sport. Founder of the American Butokukan, Todd D. Jones, began training in martial arts at the age of thirteen. Currently, Mr. Jones holds a seventh degree black belt in MooDukKwan-TaeKwonDo (Korean Karate), a fifth degree black belt in Aikido, and third degree black belts in Iaido (Japanese Swordsmanship) and Kendo (Japanese Fencing). Mr. Jones was a national sport karate champion in 1979, and held state titles from 1979 to 1983. With the passing of his close friend and teacher, Dr. H.T. Walker, Mr. Jones inherited responsibility for the Sand Drift Martial Arts Association in 2003. The American Butokukan curriculum is the result of a continuous refinement process, concentrated primarily in American university environments, since 1975. American Butokukan has numerous programs, schools, and instructors located across the United States and abroad.

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